Creates Value through Technology

By using technology we not only accelerate your business but also provide quality service in technical education as well as health awareness

About Us

E Planet endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering those efficient and cost-effective solutions for business process and support . E Planet is a millennium generation custom software development company that has mastered the nuances of the business world and a company that understands every hue of customer requirements. We are committed towards building lasting partnerships with our clients by ensuring satisfaction and success. We provide extraordinary services that create value of your business through information technology. As service based IT Company, we deliver the valuable services and valuable product to enhance the value of our customer such as the whole business computerization or an Enterprise Resourse Planning System which creates the value for whole business.

  • Vision : Our Vision is to be a leading Service Provider company in IT sector, Technical Education and Health Awairness. We know that Customer’s growth is our growth, so we commit our customers to help in achieving their business goals. We believe in work with the accuracy and best quality.
  • Mission : Our mission is to enhance the overall growth of our customers with productive software, education and awareness worldwide.

E Planet works on latest technology, latest version of any technology always advantageous of any solution. E Planet focus on product quality. Good quality of any services direct impact of any business. We assure that any service deliver will be world-class, well planned, well coded, secure datacenters including disaster recovery.

we believe in overall development. So we provice service in three sectors for following regions -

  • E Planet Software : We provide quality software product to inhance your business.
  • E Planet Education : We Provide technical education for employee as well as students so that they apply their knowledge to accelrate their company groth and himself too.
  • E Planet Health Awareness : Healthy is the biggest wealth. We are committed to spreading healthy awareness. E Planet tries to create a healthy environment through its health awareness campaign.


E Planet provides service in three different sectors


In today's era, application software is the backbone of any organization. Application software help the end users perform single or multiple tasks. It saves both time and resources and plays an important role in the progress of origination. We develop ERP and CRP based software to automate various organization processes.

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Education is very necessary for each and everyone in order to improve knowledge, way of living as well as social and economic status throughout the life. It helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence level all through the life. We Provide technical education for employee as well as students so that they apply their knowledge to accelrate their company groth and himself too.

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Health Awareness

Health is said to be the biggest wealth. If rupee-money goes out of hand then it can be recovered but if health gone, it is very hard to recover health. The duty of each person is to adopt a healthier lifestyle and keep your body healthy and mindful. Awareness is very importent method to prevent illness. E Planet tries to create a healthy environment through its health awareness campaign.

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Our exceptional executive team provides identity resolution and consumer marketing leadership to our company and our clients.

Rishiraj Chaudahry

Founder & CEO

Dibyanshu Kumar

Administrative Officer(IT) & Data Analyst

Anand Gupta

Sales and Marketing Manager

Gangaram Yadav

Chartered Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is E Planet presenting software, education and health awareness together on the same platform?

E planet believes in all round development. Technology, education and health are the three major pillars of development. Therefore, E Planet provides their service in these three sectors.

Your organization becomes the software of which category?

We develop ERP and CRM based customize software.

What kind of software do you specialize in?

We develop process automation software for your business. If it describe in a more simple language, there is a way to execute business process. Which is done manually. Our application integrates the entire process on a single platform, which not only saves resources and time but also has great accuracy in work.

What kind of service do you provide in E Planet Education?

The main objective of E Planet Education is to provide quality education with the help of technology. Which will cover all level of education in the future. Right now we are implementing two things. The first one is that we are providing school management software at reliable rate across India. The second one is that we are providing online training course for technical professionals as well as students so that they can update themselves without investing much time and money.

What kind of service do you provide in E Planet Health awareness?

Now-a-days, we have become so involved in our career or business that we do not take care of our health. We forget that when we are healthy, then only we will be able to focus on our career or business. If we think carefully, we will find that we do not have to spend too much time for this. Just need to pay attention to only the small things regularly. We organize the same small thing and make you health conscious.

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