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We are a reputable Software development company specializing on process management applications for clients all over India. We enjoy the cutting edge exposure of multifarious disciplines and diverse computing platforms. Our services are scalable and technology driven.

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About E Planet Software

E Planet Software endeavors to maximize value for our customers by offering those efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesspromotion, process support and transaction accomplishment. E Planet Software isa millennium generation custom software development company that has masteredthe nuances of the business world and a company that understands every hue ofcustomer requirements We have chosen a strategic Delivery Relationship modelthat delivers ace service and premium quality products to our clients ataffordable prices. We are committed towards building lasting partnerships withour clients by ensuring satisfaction and success. We provide extraordinary services that create value for your business through information technology. In the era of the downfall world's economy, we fine-tune a business model designed to deliver uniform client experience while keeping everyone in the company focused on the same objectives, despite phenomenal growth. As a service based IT Company, we deliver valuable services and valuable products to enhance thevalue of our customer such as the whole business computerization or an Enterprise Resources Planning System which creates value for the whole business.

Core Value

Since our inception, while we have aligned our thoughts, principles and ideas with changing times and newer market demands, but our core values that accentuate our standards of work and commitment to customers have been always drawn from the following unwavering guiding principles.

Customer Centricity: To relentlessly drive the quality, costs and delivery of our IT services and solutions with utmost customer centricity backed with prompt and proactive communication in order to provide supreme customer delight.

Business Ethics and Transparency: To be honest, dedicated, fair, transparent, sincere and open in all our customer transactions.

Innovation: To continuously strive to be technologically innovative and achieve process excellence in order to enable our customers harvest significant business advantages.


We provide web application service that  refers to the collective hardware, software and processes that enable automation of the information processing and communication tasks, integration of office functions usually related to managing information in an organization.It involves using software to digitize, store, process,client, employee, business data, Invoices and basic accounting information. Also communicate most routine tasks and processes in the office.

Our service is incomparable because our focus is on these six things


We have several customized products for different sectors of business. Some most popular product and their features is listed below

IT Equipment Renting Automation

IT Equipment Renting Automation is very useful for those businesses who deal in IT Equipment like computer, laptop, printer, projector and such related items. This application automates their entire business process by using core functions of this application. Some are listed below :

  • Client Management
  • Product Management
  • Run-time Quotation
  • Automatic Invoice Generation

Campus Automation

Campus automation is not only manage school management process but for all education institute like college and coaching institute. By using this application we can manage students, teachers, staff, adminission process, classrooms(online/offline), libarary, hostal, transport, exam, payroll and much more.
We are also providing mobile application of campus automation so that you can manage entire process easily. Also by using mobile application students can attend their online class and access their portal eaisaly.

Courier Office Automation

Courier Office Automation is very useful for those who have franchise based courier business.This application automates the entire business process by using core functions of this application. Some are listed below :

  • Client Management
  • Rate Card Management
  • Single/Group/Bulk Consignment Entry
  • Automatic Invoice Generation

Rent/Sale Automation

Rent/Sale Automation is very useful for all businesses who Sale or rent any product. No matter you deal in product aur service. This application automates entire business process by using core functions of this application.
We are also providing mobile application of this automation so that you can manage entire process easily. Also by using mobile application consumer and seller easily communicate each other.